Adlewyrchu Arnaf I
Kizzy Crawford

Kizzy Crawford is a remarkable and prodigiously talented polymath. A stand out, multilingual vocalist, songwriter and actress, a highly adept guitarist, and violinist who can also utilise music technology and blend it into her live and recorded work. Having a very wide and eclectic musical palate, Kizzy draws upon soul, jazz, pop and folk and infuses her music with the best elements of all, the results set her apart from any of her contemporaries.

Immensely proud of her Welsh heritage, Kizzy previously written and recorded many tracks in Welsh including Dilyniant, the Welsh version of her debut Freestyle release, and has collaborated with other Welsh artists like pianist Gwilym Silcock, singer songwriter Al Lewis, and enjoyed the support of Huw Williams, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru Progression. Of Adlewyrchu Arnaf I (Reflecting on Me) Kizzy explains how this beautiful composition came about; ‘I wrote Adlewyrchu Arnaf I when I was 16. I was starting to do gigs often and the inspiration for the song came from being told a few times that I should sing a certain way, or do ‘this’ more on stage or wear stuff like ‘this’. It made me want to write a song about not letting someone/something take over you and cause you to do what they want because after all everything I do in my life is my decision and reflects on me’.

To mark St David’s Day 2019 Kizzy and Freestyle Records are pleased to release Adlewyrchu Arnaf I (Reflecting on Me) which highlights Kizzy’s versatility, and also provides a tantalizing hint of what’s included on her forthcoming debut album.

Release Date
March 1, 2019