Holding My Breath
Lack of Afro

2011 has been a critical and creative high point in the career of Lack Of Afro (Adam Gibbons) seeing the release of without doubt the strongest LOA album to date This Time, the incredible summer ballad A Time For being many peoples single of the year, not forgetting of course that accompanying video!. DJing, production and remix projects coming thick and fast including The Unity Sextet and now the release of the magnificent 12 inch single/download Holding My Breath.

The title track features rising vocalist Jake Morley on this hard grooving minor key, moody barnstorming dance floor filler. With biting lyrics riding over an equally tough & unrelenting rhythm, this track pulls no punches and takes no prisoners!

In total contrast Broken Samba is a feel good, sunny shimmy shaker that can’t help but cause hips to sway, toes to tap and make you want to jump on a plane and head south rapidly.

The Unity Sextet are a new outfit that Adam Gibbons has been producing, and their remix of Holding My Breath moves the track into a more sparse, jazzier direction, just before the instrumental version of album track What The Hell jumps into your ears and drags you back to the middle of the dance floor as The New Mastersounds guitarist Eddie Roberts mind altering wah wah guitar solo peels your ears back and messes with your head. With 100% exclusive tracks, brand new remixes and this bonus instrumental…his is a BIG record!

Release Date
November 28, 2011