Stop War, Make Love

Omar Lyefook, legendary singer, songwriter, actor and MBE is never a man to mince his words. On 2013’s album ‘The Man’, he vented his frustration at mankind’s willingness to wage war on itself in an explicit lyric version of this track. Such an important & sadly topical message should be heard by the widest audience possible, and so we present the radio friendly version re titled Stop War, Make Love.

Lyrical message aside – this track is also musically super heavy, a funking Fender Rhodes hook line, squelchy synthesiser sounds, deep dish drums and massive horns all lock together this airtight uptempo groove that’s a perfect combination of music and message.

Grammy award winning producer The Scratch Professer retwists of Stop War, Make Love and Omars’ evergreen classic There’s Nothing Like This, will whet your musical tastebuds for the forthcoming full length Scratch Professer reworking of The Man album. As a producer, DJ, remixer, and who also just happens to be Omars’ brother and long term co-producer, he puts his unmistakable stamp on Omar’s music.

Release Date
October 20, 2014