Black Lillies
Black Lillies

Previously known as Universal Funk, The Black Lillies debut Freestyle release is a distinctive and highly original work. Fusing electronica, soul, house & jazz with an ethereal, eclectic other worldly feel and featuring contributions from Thulla Wamberg, Hannah Vasanth & Jo Harrop. Back in the winter of 2008, Tonny Svensson and Jens Minke started work on fresh material for a new album for Freestyle Records, and now in 2010 this Copenhagen collective present their new material imbibed with a fresh and highly original approach. Opening with atmospheric strings and piano Cannonball serves notice that this project benefits from the widest possible musical horizons and fresh production ideas. If proof were needed of that the inclusion of Thulla Wamberg, who is a highly original vocalist whose voice brings a timeless, quirky folky edge to all the tracks she sings on, but none more so than In A Sweet Way which hints what Bjork and Zero 7 may have come up with after being locked in a studio together. Contrastingly, following on is the uptempo jazz infused club number Cargo where plaintive piano chords ride across Brazilian beats and brass to create a hypnotic, mesmerizing soundscape. In demand keyboardista sista Hannah Vasanth (Rihanna/Natalie Williams/ Bugz in the Attic, Gnarls Barkley) and vocalist Jo Harrop who work┬átogether as Stereofixx contribute wonderfully on several tracks, but never more beautifully than on Between The Lines a lively, brass led latino house stepper that has already seen the light of day as a Freestyle 12 inch (FSR089) The Back Lillies have struck a wonderful balance between touching composition and inspiring grooves, a feat not all that try actually succeed at. The Black Lillies have created their own niche by avoiding the obvious, striving to create new sounds using whatever influences and sounds they can combine and make beautiful music – and they have succeeded.
Release Date
September 13, 2010