M-Swift, aka Shouhei Matsushita is the talented instrumentalist and producer who hails from Hiroshima, Japan but has lived in London and has been wide open to musical influences from around the world. As a fan of soul and jazz from a young age he has absorbed all the best elements of classic and contemporary black music and forged a singular identity that enables him to stand out in a musical landscape of sound a likes and copyists.

This latest release ‘Feeling’ is a 5 track 12 inch that is the precursor to his latest full length album ‘Evening Sun’ (FSRCD053) which will be released on Freestyle Records in time for the summer – the album and this 12 spotlights M-Swifts soulful, funky house and jazz inflected RnB combined with the spectacular talents of renowned performers such as Eric Roberson, Tony Momrelle, Joy Rose and Vanessa Haynes and 24 Carat whose combined talents makes for an up-tempo, feel good record, quality contemporary soul for real music lovers.

Release Date
May 4, 2009