How Am I?
The Impellers

Formerly Ed Meme & The Forms, The Impellers have charmed the pants off of BBC radio presenters Craig Charles and Mark Lamarr with their biting, crisp and brass heavy funky soul.
Their debut 45 showcases these elements in addition to the sultry sound of vocalist ‘Lady Clair’ whose voice rides across the rhythms like a well greased surfboard on a treacle sea on ‘How Am I?’

DJ legend Ian Wright has already compared The Impellers to international big hitters ‘Baby Charles’ and ‘Upstairs At Harry’s’ is an instrumental blockbuster that will give any contemporary funk group more than a run for their money.

Taken from the forthcoming Freestyle album ‘Robot Legs’ this 45 paves the way for The Impellers to go global so watch this space!

Release Date
May 11, 2009