Robot Legs
The Impellers

What is it about Brighton, England? How does this slightly faded Victorian seaside town manage to produce so much great, funky music and so many great bands? Is it something in the sea air or a diet of Brighton rock, toffee apples and candy floss? No matter, the results sure are sweet!

Hot on the heels of Brighton’s’ ‘Baby Charles’, The Impellers (formerly Ed Meme & The Forms) have already charmed the pants off of BBC radio presenters Craig Charles and Mark Lamarr with their biting, crisp and brass heavy funky soul.

This album ‘Robot Legs’ showcases these elements in addition to the sultry sound of vocalist ‘Lady’ Clair Witcher whose voice rides across the rhythms like a well greased surfboard on a treacle sea on several tracks but especially the up tempo dance floor smasher How Am I?

Impellers main man, organist Glenn Fallows says the most remarkable thing about The Impellers is that their rhythm section is much taller than average height, whilst their horn section is much shorter than average!!

Whilst he may have a point, what IS more remarkable is the very ‘deep soul’ feel that band imbue all their music with, even when taking Jimi Hendrix’ rock monster ‘Fire’ ‘cross the tracks to the funky side of town.

Percussionist/DJ/producer and author Snowboy lends a hard hand on the mighty fownkee ‘Tastes Like Chicken’ as well as kindly scribbling the albums sleeve notes. The Impellers are already lined up for this years’ Beachdown Festival and Marlborough Jazz Festival so we recommend you check them out live and get your head around The Impellers brand new album. It’s a biggie for sure!

Release Date
May 25, 2009