Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus
Big Pimp Jones

Who knew a movie that never even made it to theatres could create such a buzz?

By buzz, we mean a bidding war resulting in the highest ending auction amount on ebay, ever (at the time).

By buzz, we mean a $927,000 final auction price.

By buzz, we mean a winning bidder who chose to remain anonymous (but who, if you believe the rumours is none other than Quentin Tarantino).

By buzz, we mean an ever-moving theatrical release date that continues to get delayed due to the controversial nature of the content (which again, if you believe the rumours, includes a body count in the hundreds, a seven minute sex scene, and a final scene where the bad guy’s skull gets punched clean out of his head).

That’s the kind of buzz we mean.

Will we ever get to see this film? Of that we can’t be sure, but what we can be sure of is that you hold in your hands the soundtrack to this flick, and that it is one bad mutha.

Soundtracks like this are why we dig for records – they’re what keep us going when hours, days, even months haven’t borne fruit, they’re the things that make the travels worth it. This is one of those┬árecords that make you do a sextuple-take because you can’t believe what you just found: the soundtrack to a cult legend movie that hasn’t been released for 35 years and counting.

And what a soundtrack it is! Drums all over the place, bass so thick you can spread it on toast and other instrumentation that adds up to a serious dose of fownk. And not only are the tunes good, but the arrangement of it all as well – who knew people used clips of dialogue like this on soundtracks back in the day?

Until the movie gets released, if it ever gets released, we can at least enjoy the music from the soundtrack and the bits of dialogue that give us sparse hints about the film. Because if the film is like the soundtrack, it is going to be one bad, bad experience.

Release Date
September 7, 2009