Mighty Righteous
The Fantastics!

The Fantastics! first began to take shape in 2003 after renowned Hammond freak, writer and broadcaster Greg Boraman departed the ranks of the infamous deep funk outfit The Soul Destroyers (Jazzman Records). Greg filled the empty organ grinders seat in Reverend Cleatus & The Soul Saviours following an on air appeal during BBC 6 Music’€™s Craig Charles Funk Show. Countless rabble rousing gigs, and several successful 45’s, (including DJ Formats’ favourite ‘The Slip’) culminated in their much acclaimed debut album ‘2Lbs of Funk’ (Soul Cookers Records) which received a glowing 4 star review in Mojo magazine. Reverend Cleatus found the rigidly defined genres of ‘the scene’ began to feel more like a straight jacket than a well cut suit. The band decided upon a fresher musical approach. Changing their name to ‘The Fantastics!’, they re-launched with ‘Cheeba’s Couch’ 45 (on Raw Wax), an aggressive funk assault to highlight a deliberate widening of musical textures and influences. ‘Mighty Righteous’ looks backwards, forwards and sideways simultaneously. The album includes some searing soulful vocals, the sound of grand piano, double bass, African thumb piano, dub effects, and the scary sounds achieved when attacking a Hammond organ in a frustrated rage on the outrageous punk-funk track ‘Soul Sucka!’. From the Jimmy McGriff inspired, Hammond groove of the title track ‘Mighty Righteous’ – through to the beautiful, genre defying and filmic ‘Blue Sunday’, the whole album throws off the overbearing obsession of attempting to faithfully recreate specific periods in soul, funk and jazz history and lets each composition evolve in whichever way feels natural in order for it to shine at it’s best. The albums 2 collaborations featuring UK soul legend Noel McKoy add something of a contemporary R&B feel. ‘Mighty Righteous’ is an album that rips up the rule book, and throws 5 decades of hip swinging musical influences into the mix. The album emerges with something fresh and engaging to say – which is precisely what The Fantastics had in mind in the first place…gentleman….your mission is accomplished! ”Thank god for The Fantastics! Not only should you buy their album, go witness them live!” – DJ Format
Release Date
January 26, 2009